Budapest Christmas Fair on Vörösmarty square

We are looking forward to meeting you in 2022!
On current covid regulations →

We are looking forward to meeting you in 2022!

Thank you all for celebrating with us in Vörösmarty Square! After the difficulties caused by the pandemic, it was a tremendous joy for us to revive the Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair together! This year we had the opportunity to meet each other in person at an event rich in experiences, lights, Christmas scents, still keeping safe, and could take the festivity home inside us. Let us meet again under the tree this year! We will be back soon with updates.

Budapesti Karácsonyi Vásár illusztráció

Take the holiday with you again in 2022!

Covid info:

Dear Visitor,

This year, we pay special attention to the safety of Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair. In order to ensure that visitors’ health is protected during the pre-holiday season, the fair is only accessible for immunity card holders in accordance with the effective law.

To comply with this, the following documents are checked on entry to the fair:

For Hungarian citizens, in accordance with the government decree on certifying immunity to coronavirus, immunity is certified by

  • an immunity card, or
  • an application certifying vaccinated status as described in Government Decree No. 60/2021. (12 February) on certifying immunity to coronavirus.

Whenever a person is required to certify immunity by showing their immunity card or by using the application certifying vaccinated status, they are also required to show their authority-issued ID card as proof of identity.


For non-Hungarian citizens

A person who is not a citizen of Hungary may certify their immunity by showing their European Union digital Covid certificate.

Non-citizens are also deemed to have immunity to coronavirus,

  1. a) if they hold an immunity card issued by a state whose immunity cards are recognised by Hungary
  2. b) certifies their immunity to coronavirus by showing their certificate of immunity to coronavirus issued by the state described in point a).

A list of states mentioned in point 2.2. a) is recorded in the decrees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

7/2021 (IV.29) KKM rendelet

17/2021. (V.22.) KKM rendelet


To ensure compliance with the relevant legal requirements, the effective statutes shall be applicable to our measures taken to ensure a safe visit to the fair.

For further information about a safe visit to the Fair and to read the Rules and Regulations for the Fair, please click here.

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Budapesti Karácsonyi Vásár illusztráció Budapesti Karácsonyi Vásár illusztráció Budapesti Karácsonyi Vásár illusztráció