Budapesti Karácsony 2022

Margaret Island

The island is one of the most important and beautiful recreational sites in Budapest. It is named after Princess Margaret of the House of Árpád, daughter of King Béla IV, who, with her life and miracles, occupies a special place in Hungarian history. Until 1901, the island was accessible only by ship or boat, until the construction of the wing of Margaret Bridge leading to the island.

Margaret Island stretches 2800 metres long and covers an area of almost 100 hectares. The Romans had already visited the area, as excavations here unearthed inscribed stones and coins from the 2nd century. The island is first mentioned in a document dating from 1225.

Margaret Island offers a wide range of attractions for visitors. The 70-degree spring water that comes up from the ground here feeds the medicinal baths located on the island. In the shade of 200-year-old trees, you can find the former home of the island’s eponymous princess, the ruins of the Dominican convent and St Michael’s Chapel. The Water Tower, built in 1911, rises high above the old trees, offering a 360-degree panorama of Budapest. A small wooden bridge leads to the Rock Garden and Japanese Garden in the northern part of the island, from where plant-lined paths lead inland to the gently cascading waterfall. The statue of the “Little Mermaid” rises from the centre of the pond. But the most extraordinary attraction is Hungary’s largest musical fountain, 36 metres in diameter, with a central jet of water shooting up to a height of more than 25 metres. Every hour, a musical programme is played, and in the evenings there is a special laser projection on the water curtain of the fountain.

Margaret Island can be explored on foot, by bicycle or even by bike carriage and, if you want to do sports or jogging, there is a jogging track around the island.

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