Zsolt Ócsag – Carneol glass design

glass artist

My story:

We make everything glow
Our aim is to create unique, artistic glassware that is accessible to everyone. During production, the technological design is always guided by the beauty and sophistication of the final product. Our products are unique, handmade, which requires a lot of work and attention. We would like the products we make to fill the space where they end up in with beauty and elegance.

What will you find here?

We produce our unique glassware using the ‘fusing’ and ‘casting’ techniques. These require special furnaces in which the glass, under the influence of heat (between 800 and 900 °C), takes on the shape of the template. This is followed by the finishing touches: the edges of the glass object are smoothed, holes are provided if necessary, and the product is painted by hand in several layers. On our stall at the Christmas market in Vörösmarty Square, you will find, among others, clocks, vases, flowers and Christmas decorations.