Zsolt Kajtár – Yamuna

soap maker

My story:

The story of Yamuna started at Somogyvámos, a small village in Somogy county, 15 years ago. The love of nature prompted the founder Zsolt Kajtár to search for old recipes from the past and to make soaps from natural materials which have a nice scent. These skin-friendly, allergen-free wonders became a great success immediately and the recipes are still used today. We believe that modern technology can be combined with the ancient knowledge of herbs. We have been caring for skin health for 14 years, with our products, most of which are free of parabens, paraffine and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS).

What will you find here?

Nowadays we make nearly 300 skin-friendly cosmetics with the use of natural materials, developed for each skin type, paying special attention to our customers with sensitive skin who have only been able to buy their skin care products in pharmacies. You can find our well-established, high-quality, skin-friendly soaps at our stall. In addition, we sell SLS-free shower gels in several variations, shampoos, hand creams, massage oils, body lotions. The popular products of the winter season will also be available: bath salts and bath bombs containing various herbs. Our limited Dióvarázs product line related to the holiday season helps to tune to the spirit of Christmas.