Zsolt Ambruzs – Ginkgoside


My story:

I graduated from the Budapest Complex SzC Handicraft Technical School in Práter Street 12 years ago as a goldsmith. For me, making jewellery means unlimited freedom. My imagination runs wild, the material is the only limit. My old memories, studies (by my first profession, I am a landscape and garden architect), the opportunities offered by the materials,
the variety of the handicraft process… these are all inspiring factors. I love plant motifs, forms that are simplified to the extreme, and primitive, rustic ways of handicraft originating from the beginnings of the history of the profession.

What will you find here?

When working the metal, we can produce fine, soft shapes in a way that defies its properties, however, we can also design a piece of jewellery that further emphasises the material’s hardness, stiffness and coldness. I work with copper, silver plated copper, silver and gold. My products include pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, cufflinks.
Naturally, I also fulfil individual wishes.