Zoltán Perus – Ezüsterdő Mesebolt

Craft toys made of woodtextileunique children’s room graphics

My story:

Ezüsterdő Mesebolt is a family business, established in 2009. Our unique toys are designed and made by interior designer Ildikó Szabó. The members of the family are textile designer artist Julianna Dicső, graphic designer Tünde Dicső and designer Bence Dicső. We do all work processes together from designing to making and mass producing, including painting, textile design, gluing, graphics and wood working. With our tale shop, we have been participating in major domestic festivals. By now, we have opened our own small crafts shop in Szentendre.

What will you find here?

In our shop you will find handmade wooden and textile toys. We consider it to be our mission to preserve the classical toy culture and toy traditions. We wish to maintain the functional values of old toys as well as their materials and designs to pass them down to children in the form of high standard and unique products. Each toy is part of a story, and this continuously expanding world of tales is loveable for children and inspiring for adults. In our stand, you can find box houses, foldable schools, nurseries, corner shops, castles, and various multifunctional cars with complementary figurines. There are fairies, princes and princesses and twenty-seven different types of animal designs in small sizes. In addition to family toys, you will find cuddly toys and soft cushion figurines, made after the design of wooden toys, as well as unique graphics and wall pictures inspiring storytelling.