Viktória Nyári – Vikizománc

Enamel jewellery maker

My story:

I have been creating things since I was really young. So, after finishing primary school, it was not even a question that I wanted to apply to an art school. At secondary school I learnt ceramic moulding, then, after my finals, I started to make enamel products. This proved to be a crucial decision. By making jewellery I have found a way through which I can best express myself and show what I am really like.

What will you find here?

I started to make enamel jewellery in 2000. I like combining traditional techniques with modern styles. My older designs were made by a classical enamel technique and typically featured floral and tendril patterns. Later, somewhat leaving behind traditions and starting to follow modern trends, I produced jewellery combined with leather. My newest collection is made by an experimental technique where I combine various enamel types. Enamels with different melting points create unexpected, exciting surfaces.