Tibor Erdélyi – Csanaki Méhes Céh

Apiarist engineer

My story:

The aim of the Csanaki Apiary Guild is to show the true value of honey and apiary products. This is achieved by, from the flowering to the wrapped product, humbly and diligently striving to ensure that human labour preserves the gift of nature. We produce handicraft-quality food to which nothing needs to be added, and from which nothing needs to be removed… Year after year, we work to ensure that the apiary products are as delicious as possible, and that they retain their nutrient content.

What will you find here?

Our selection includes special varieties of honey and cream honeys, natural honey mixtures, exclusive-looking honeys, “bear honey”, HoReCa products, apiary products, propolis-based products, royal jelly-based products, honey products with nuts, beeswax-based products and supplementary products.
All our products are self-produced and packaged, for which we offer full guarantee! The Csanaki Apiary Guild has committed itself to not contributing to mass production; instead, it protects the products’ values. Therefore, it does not succumb to pressure, and handles honey according to its natural and commercial value. We are proud to contribute to the quality of life of our fellow men through our activities.