Péter Sziffer – Parpar Art

dried food decorator

My story:

When I was young, I travelled over a significant part of the world as a backpacker. This is how I had the opportunity to get to know various cultures and crafts. These inspired me to embark on building my own manufactory. I have worked with many types of materials (wax, glass, wood) and yet, I found fruits and other crops to be the most enjoyable to work with. I find it important that my decorations made from these organic materials are biodegradable after they wear out, so they do not pose a threat to the environment.

What will you find here?

My work is very meticulous. I prepare for Christmas fairs for months. In fact, it is Christmas all the year round for us. Although my products are not necessarily only connected to the Advent Celebrations, they have often been characterised by the words “wow, these smell of Christmas” due to the intensive orange-cinnamon fragrance. If you visit our stall, you will see a lot of different types of products, from a tiny decoration to the 1-meter-long garlands and you will feel the atmosphere of this festive season.