Mónika Mérei – Bokréta Kerámia


My story:

I have been making ceramics for 30 years. Initially I made utensils and kitchen accessories, but for me the most magical part of this process is to find those wonderful colours. I wanted to showcase the growing number of my ceramic flowers in a craft fair in Hungary. I was delighted to see people queuing up to look at all of my flowers.

What will you find here?

I started making realistic and yet fanciful flowers, which can make your home more colourful if you stick it into pots next to green plants. By now, customers can choose from hundreds of flowers. In addition to flowers, my collection also contains animals, figurines, ornaments and hanging flowers. I strive to make new types of flowers and figurines in each season. In 2021, my novelty is a white design glittering with mother-of-pearl glazing. As for figurative products, reindeer, angels and Christmas elves are this year’s novelties.