Liza Rózsavölgyi – LIZIPOT


My story:

I graduated as a designer but as early as my university years, I was already experimenting with materials, which was a determining experience for me. In my workshop, I make rustic ceramic products for everyday use. My works are simultaneously inspired by European and Asian styles, including minimalism, the ideas of Wabi-Sabi and the crude complexity of useful objects. The reason why I like making articles of black clay is that I am impressed by its expressive power, its genuine crudeness and sincerity.

What will you find here?

I design each item to be functional and durable. I like to see aesthetics and functionality blend. The crude atmosphere and stone-like texture of my ceramics match well with most styles. Among my objects there are plates, mugs, jugs, tableware, dishes, kitchen utensils, containers and home decoration products, all in matching appearance. While designing them, my priority is to retain and highlight the simple and functional forms required by use. In addition, I strive to keep the traces of the work processes on my objects so they could tell their own stories.