Kata Szabó


My story:

"Objects come to life when they are used..." Clay is an ancient element, which comes from earth, softened and shaped with the help of water, then ripens and takes its final shape in fire. I have been making ceramics for 30 years. I taught for fifteen years as a ceramicist trainer and examiner and I still have students. I had an opportunity to make open-air sculptures which are still on display in various points of the country. I have had individual and collective exhibitions and hopefully will continue to have the opportunity for these in the future. I am also working on a totally different project, which I still only cherish in my workshop. I hope ceramics and the joy of creative work will accompany me till the end of my life...

What will you find here?

"Colour glides" I make high-fire ceramics, in the spirit of impression, art nouveau and colour harmony... The uniqueness of my objects comes from the harmony of shapes, clay and glaze. I utilise various techniques as there is an infinite pool of options. Each object is a unique, single work with an unrepeatable colour composition. With my glazes and colour mixing I strive to work on the whole colour palette. I offer functional and decorative ceramics at my stall. It is important that I can put a smile on people’s faces through my objects...