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My story:

Behind the name Bomo Art Budapest, there is a handicraft manufactory consisting of excellent, enthusiastic employees, who do everything together for the aim of strengthening the relationship between man and book, and awakening the sleeping desire to create. Károly Boldizsár, founder of Bomo Art Budapest, has been a lover of paper since his childhood. Together with his colleagues, he strives to bring future diary owners real pleasure with the beautiful and exclusive products.

What will you find here?

What can you find on our stall? In the round or square-shaped boxes of Bomo Art, you can put small items found in the wardrobe, workspace or even the kitchen, however, you can also use them for presents—the durable Bomo paper boxes decorated with graphics are not only smart, but also beautiful.
The antique coloured Bomo greeting cards with Hungarian or English language text, or without text, evoke fond memories, what is more, they can even ornament your home. We arranged our NEW letterpress stationery in handmade gift boxes. The boxes with drawers—that match the patterns and are covered with wrapping paper—contain 24 pieces of stationery and 24 envelopes lined with paper with the same pattern as the box.
For our 2022 Wall Calendar, we have compiled a beautiful new series from the details and motifs of our most popular wrapping papers. July shows one of this year’s novelties, the Let’s go to Lake Balaton! graphic.
The partly leather and partly paper-covered Bomo diaries are available with various motifs. To keep the book that guards your secrets from falling to pieces from being flipped through many times, we make our diaries with a durable stitching technique. With their 52 pages, the desk notepads provide a fresh start for each week of the year. You can fill the pages with exciting programmes, tasks and useful information.