György Nagy

folk artistPotter

My story:

I make kiln earthenware vessels at Balatonalmádi, continuing a family tradition. I consider myself lucky to have come from a family of potters, with a history of several centuries in Nádudvar. Following the steps of my grandfather and my father, my mother Júlia Dobiné Vass continued the family traditions and became a Master of Folk Art. It was with her help that I learnt the family craft.

What will you find here?

My product palette includes bakeware and cookware (e.g., stuffed cabbage cooking pot, goulash soup cooking pan, earthenware cauldron, moulds for baking chimney cake, cheese, apples, cakes and chicken), storage vessels, milk jugs, mugs, plates and Christmas decorations, cookie seals.
While I like making bakeware, I enjoy seeing them used even more. My crockery does not need to be soaked in water before use, I only apply fat on the inside of the roast dish, put in the salted duck and it is ready to go into the oven or the kiln!