Ferenc László Hürkecz – Parti Szőrme


My story:

The motto of Parti Szőrme Kft. is the following: Preserving tradition and dressing in an environmentally conscious way since 1946. Thanks to our qualified sewing and tailoring staff, we also carry out custom manufacture, giving our customers the opportunity to realise their own ideas.

What will you find here?

Our company specialises in the production of hide coats. What is hide? Prepared sheepskin. It is very important to note that we never use lambskin, because sheepskin is much lighter, delicate and soft to the touch, meaning that the finished product is, naturally, very comfortable to wear. Sheepskin coats are therefore warm and light, compared to coats made from lambskin in the past. Due to the wide range of colours and models, we can meet anyone’s wishes. Our other products include slippers, gloves, home decoration leather, bedspreads, pillows, hats, vests, children’s coats, carpets, car seat covers, steering wheel protectors, bicycle seat covers, and of course anything else that can be made of leather.