Endre Kocsis

master furrier artisan

My story:

"The heritage of our past is our future!" I am Endre Kocsis, a master furrier. I learnt this beautiful ancient craft from my father. Our ancestors were furriers starting from 1840. Leather and fur are natural materials which have no match. It is an experience to work on real nice leather; it has a fragrance, it has a character – because each material is unique – and the end product is unparalleled.

What will you find here?

Women’s, men’s and children’s caps in elegant and sporty design, women’s and men’s leather gloves, lambskin gloves, scarves, men’s and women’s lambskin coats, waist coats, earmuffs, waist protectors, sheepskins, wall coverings – in various colours, forms and styles from classical to design pieces. All of them reflect genuineness, value, truthfulness to nature and uniqueness. Our leathers originate from strictly controlled (stamped) places which guarantee the welfare of kept animals, so each part is a treasure. On the other hand, as they are natural, they are also biodegradable. It is an art to create something that stands the test of time and lasts for decades. This is where the uniqueness and the beauty of this ancient craft lies. Hopefully these values can be passed down to the future generations.