BubutimArt Elf World


My story:

“Ceramic, soul, magic!” BubutimArt-Elf World’s ceramics come to life by the force of the 4 elements and by human creative efforts as we make these pieces from earth and clay with added water. Our works are dried by air and hardened by fire. Colour ceramics are hand-crafted in our workshop. The products of imagination moulded from earth are the works of Éva Bubutimár and Éva Eszter Szabó, as well as the younger and older members of Elf Workshop. “The infinity of fantasy is present in plane and in space, and the sensitivity of the artist in the shape.”

What will you find here?

“If you close your eyelashes tightly, you can see them too as they live in each of us: the elves!” Elf Workshop produces ceramics for everyday use and ornamentation, hand-crafted with a traditional technique. The harmony of the elves of Elf World dreamed and made by Bubu and the figural ceramics made by Eszter can be seen at numerous national events. Each product of the Workshop is designed uniquely and classified by the Lectorate for Applied Arts.