Tünde András

kürtőskalács baked over charcoal ember and desserts made from kürtőskalács

My story:

Nearly 20 years ago, Vitéz Kürtős was one of the first caterers which rekindled the traditional baking method of this cake and set out to familiarise the whole world with kürtőskalács. Ever since it has become our mission to sweeten life with flavours and experiences through our chimney cakes, to reunite people by popularising eating chimney cakes as a community event and to preserve and pass down the values related to the chimney cake by a creative rethinking of traditions.
Our goal is for the whole world to get to know our sweetest Hungaricum, registered as a Transylvanian, Székely and Hungarian product at the same time and to make our dream come true about chimney cake being mentioned as a famous Hungarian product, just like the Italian pizza or the French croissant.

What will you find here?

Vanilla sugar caramelised over charcoal amber, the perfectly crispy, golden brown sugar coated exterior and the soft pastry provide the real, traditional characteristic taste of chimney cake.
Our most traditional chimney cake is the plain vanilla sugar coated one, but we also offer Hungary’s favourite chimney cake flavour, the one coated in the mixture of brown sugar and cinnamon, as well as the freshly ground walnut flavoured one, which is the most popular in our offer. Concerning classical flavours, children’s favourites, including cocoa, coconut and almond coated chimney cakes, are also available. The first real special flavour which is created by Vitéz Kürtős is the raspberry flavoured chimney cake: the combo of slightly sour, lyophilised (freeze dried) raspberries and caramelised sugar confuses and enthrals at the same time – therefore, we recommend it to every gourmand who is open to novelties and unique tastes. Out of the special flavours, gourmet lovers are also welcome to try the chocolate drop coated and the sour cherry and poppyseed coated chimney cake!