Sándor Vida

Hungarian dishestraditional Christmas dishes

My story:

The secret to all success is to do better than just “good enough”. Because everyone deserves quality! Our company strives to welcome its prospective customers with customer-friendly prices, a wide selection and cordial service.
We offer “customised” gastronomic event services for those who require quality, reliability and variety—everything that our company bears the hallmark of. Our second-generation meat plant provides quality ingredients from domestic products, and thus ensures the excellent quality of our freshly prepared dishes. We place great emphasis on consistent quality and selection.

What will you find here?

Our food selection includes crispy pork roast, roasted goose liver, goose leg, lamb roast, sous vide crispy pork knuckle and salmon steak with lemon and lime sauce. This holiday season, do not miss the stuffed cabbage, the red wine beef stew with sheep’s cheese strapacka, the mangalica sausage, the sheep’s cheese polenta and the croquettes stuffed with plums and cinnamon apples. Our desserts include homemade bejgli (traditional Hungarian Christmas dessert) and strudel.
On our stall, you can also find our own marinated products from excellent domestic ingredients: beef, veal, lamb, Hungarian mangalica, duck, goose, chicken and turkey. We source vegetables, pickles, bread, beverages and complementary products from our permanent farmer partners.

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