László Czingisszer


My story:

For decades, we operated Hungarian style Street Food buffets in the Castle of Buda, in the Inner City, in Fashion Street, and at Hungaroring. We opened our Cafe de Paris restaurant in Vörösmarty Square 14 years ago. Our mission is to familiarise our mostly foreign clientele with the masterpieces of Hungarian cuisine. We continuously strive to plate Hungarian tastes rethought using our renewable kitchen technology.

What will you find here?

The fried flatbread made from soft dough is an inalienable part of Hungarian cuisine, to an extent where any changes to the recipe is considered a capital offense. The lángos is good as is and allows for experimenting only in terms of varying toppings. However, toppings are nowadays available in a pretty wide spectrum while a real hard-line fan will not move on from the cheese and sour cream variant, which, in return, was considered extreme in the distant 80s. But times are changing and, as we have already mentioned, lángos toppings change, too. In addition to traditional tastes, you will find vegan lángos here, but we are also preparing with extra tastes such as the mutton stew of Karcag, paprika chicken, onion and sausage ragout, knuckles and cabbage or Indian curry.