Imre Kővári

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My story:

For me, the important point about hospitality is not only the basic requirement of offering good food to guests to eat well, but also to make them feel at home by smiling at them and by showing attention and appreciation to them. In our profession, friendliness, cheerfulness, a little moxie and politeness make half the battle. As a child I enjoyed being in the kitchen, but initially I did not think about going in for catering.
But ultimately, I gave in to the “temptation”. The temptation which has always governed my acts: to deal with people.

What will you find here?

At our stand, we welcome guests with our special fish and game dishes in addition to the masterpieces of traditional Hungarian cuisine. To make dish to be really tasty, we need quality ingredients, but the purchase prices are higher. This is the price which – literally – has to be paid to have a delicious meal. More and more often people prefer to have dishes made from quality ingredients at festivals and other events. It is worth going to restaurants, checking out Hungarian dishes with real culinary value at festivals to taste dishes that you would never make at home. It requires ample energies and attention to create a new dish, so it is well worth tasting the food composition compiled by our chef.