Christmas fair

Numerous artisans and taste-smiths will await you again in Vörösmarty Square in 2022! We will be back soon with fresh maps and updates!

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Covid info:

Effective Covid Info and Safety Measures

at the 2021 Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair in Vörösmarty Square


Budapest Brand Nonprofit P.L.C. pays special attention to the safety of Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair in Vörösmarty Square. In accordance with the effective law, the Fair is only accessible for immunity card holders.

The event organisers admit visitors to the area through several gates, after checking their documents certifying immunity, along with their ID cards. In addition, to reduce the risk of infection, this year cash-free transactions are introduced at the catering units for the first time.

Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair is only accessible for persons who have immunity to coronavirus and persons under the age of eighteen accompanied and supervised by such an adult. To ensure compliance with this rule, the following documents are checked upon entry to the fair:

  1. Hungarian citizens are required to show their immunity card to prove that the person has immunity to coronavirus as described in the relevant Government Decree, to verify that the person concerned
  2. a) has been vaccinated with any of the vaccines recognised by Hungary
  3. b) has recovered from a coronavirus infection and they have proof of it, i.e., at least one positive PCR test or rapid antigen test is on record in the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT),
  4. c) has presumably recovered from an infection without being aware of it at the time or without having a test done, but a subsequent antigen-test proves recovery from an infection.

It is deemed equivalent to showing an immunity card if a person proves that they have immunity with the use of an application certifying vaccinated status as described in Government Decree No. 60/2021. (12 February) on certifying immunity to coronavirus. Whenever a person is required to certify immunity by showing their immunity card or by using the application certifying vaccinated status, they are also required to show their authority-issued ID card as proof of identity.

  1. For non-Hungarian citizens

2.1. A person who is not a citizen of Hungary may certify their immunity by showing their European Union digital Covid certificate, which certifies that the person concerned

  1. has been vaccinated with a vaccine recognised based on the relevant government decree, or
  2. has recovered from an infection.

A person has immunity through recovery from an infection if they certify with a digital Covid-certificate that 15 days have elapsed since their last positive PCR test or rapid antigen test and that 180 days have not yet elapsed.

Any of the certificates may also be shown in a paper version.

2.2. Non-citizens are also deemed to have immunity to coronavirus,

  1. a) if they hold an immunity card issued by a state whose immunity cards are recognised by Hungary
  2. b) certifies their immunity to coronavirus by showing their certificate of immunity to coronavirus issued by the state described in point a).

A list of states mentioned in point 2.2. a) is recorded in the decrees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade:

7/2021 (IV.29) KKM rendelet

17/2021. (V.22.) KKM rendelet


In lieu of the above, the Organisers may deny entry into the fair pursuant to the effective epidemiological measures. During the admission procedure, the security service is entitled to check the authenticity of an immunity card by checking the person’s identity, for which they may require that a photographic ID be shown.

The Organiser may restrict the number of visitors allowed to be present on the fairground at any point in time in accordance with the effective epidemiological measures. The moment the maximum allowed number of people has been reached, visitors may be denied entry until an opportunity for the admission of further visitors arises due to a decrease in the number of people present on the fairground.

Visitors of the Fair are requested as much as possible:

  • To keep a social distance of 1.5 m and to avoid forming groups. This measure does not apply to people who live in the same household.
  • To avoid touching surfaces that are frequently touched and to touch the exhibited products or the products displayed for the purpose of being sold.
  • To pay attention to washing hands frequently and to use hand sanitisers placed at various points of the Fair.
  • To avoid touching their face and to observe the coughing etiquette.
  • To use a cash-free paying method.

Since the Fair is held outdoors, wearing a face mask is not mandatory but strongly recommended. In case there is a change in the relevant legal provisions, the provisions that come into effect shall apply. Furthermore, in case the pandemic situation changes, the organiser reserves the right to introduce a mask mandate for all visitors to protect the safety of visitors even without any change in the aforementioned legal provisions.

To ensure compliance with the relevant legal requirements, the effective statutes shall be applicable to our measures taken to ensure a safe visit to the fair.

In order to guarantee the safety and peace of visitors and service providers, Budapest Brand Nonprofit P.L.C. as the event organiser cooperates closely with the Budapest Police Headquarters (BRFK) and the Metropolitan Directorate of Disaster Recovery, as well as its own security service.