Christmas in Budapest


Dear visitors!


Christmas is knocking on the frozen windows!

It is time to prepare for the holiday season! Evoke the spicy fragrance of mulled wine and gingerbread, the glitter of Christmas light decorations, the festive atmosphere of the bustling fair, a laughter with your friends and the cosy moments with your family…

We can experience it again on 19 November when Budapest Advent and Christmas Fair opens its gates in Vörösmarty Square!

Budapest Brand nZrt, the capital’s official tourism, cultural and marketing organisation creates a liberated and yet safe advent environment, rich in experiences for the beloved community to which you also belong!

Explore the stalls of Hungarian artisans and surprise your loved ones with a really unique present or just immerse yourself in the amazing bustle of the fair, sipping and inhaling a hot drink!

You will find everything here for the holidays: ceramics made with great artistic care, alluring gingerbread, fluffy designer caps and scarves and special wooden ornaments. Here you can go ahead and cherry-pick from the large selection or products.

Choose from the numerous artisans’ kitchens: in addition to traditional fairground foods and drinks, you can have gourmet specialties. And the capstone of the culinary experience is the carefree and loving experience of being together! Because the greatest present for us all is the holiday itself!

Browse our website for more information and let us meet at one of Europe’s most beautiful Christmas fairs!